Lambie Brothers

The Pursuit of Knowledge

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The Pursuit Of Knowledge
The Pursuit of Knowledge
An endless array
Of learnings now tempt us,
Like the myriad enticements
Of poor wretched Tantalus.

Theorems we grasp for
And so nearly reach,
Our fingers near touching,
As if mirroring each.

Seeking a balance
Between body and mind,
In pursuit of the things
That our hearts long to find.

The reward for our labour
Is occasional insight.
The spark for a flame
That burns into the twilight

And by the light of that fire
We strike forth with vigour,
Each with a shadow
Redoubling our figure

And dancing behind us,
In the wake of our progress,
Toward the realm of pure knowledge,
Exquisitely boundless.

(photograph and poem 2017)