Lambie Brothers

A Welcome Visitor Bearing Gifts

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A Welcome Visitor Bearing Gifts
The fulsome weight of history
Suspended in a web;
Passions, torments, mystery,
Joys so poignant when they ebb.

To arrive upon the threshold
Between the bubble and the pin,
On the surface – vast, amorphous –
And the unknown world within.

To climb toward a summit
Forever lost from view,
In mists of expectation
Inspired by a clue

That itself eludes sharp focus
However hard we look,
Like the enchanting resonances
Of a much-read and cherished book.

Like the image of a lover
Held so dearly in your head,
Like the edge of flowing water,
Or the spider’s silken thread.

The notes that line the margin
Of an unfinished masterpiece,
The notes of matchless birdsong
As it rises in the east.

(photograph and poem 2017)