Lambie Brothers

On a Winter's Morning, Shadows Fall Briefly

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On A Winters Morning Shadows Fall Briefly
On a Winter's Morning, Shadows Fall Briefly
Away and beyond
Lies the roiling deep,
Mermaids and Sirens
And Neptune’s vast keep.
Tentacles reaching
For all of Earth’s corners,
Ebbing and flowing
To the rhythm of Luna’s
Heart that beats drum-like
Guiding the currents,
The momentum of furlongs,
Leagues far and boundless.

Away and beyond
In the gloaming dark depths,
Down under the surface
And the waves’ heady crests,
Shadows pass briefly,
Indistinctly in motion,
In the last suggestion of sunlight
As it sinks through the ocean.
And deeper, still deeper
Into absolute darkness,
Where only shadows remain,
In the absolute darkness.

(photograph and poem 2017)