Lambie Brothers

Waves Crash Upon Unseen Rocks

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Waves Crash Upon Unseen Rocks
Waves Crash Upon Unseen Rocks
The sun on the water,
The wind and the waves,
Salt spray and seagull song,
Glimpses of caves,

Outcrops and whirlpools,
Shadowy creatures;
Known vaguely by shape,
Not by their features.

Pale skies then darken,
As if inked by a brush,
A screaming wind gathers
As Valkyries rush

Hither and thither,
With incandescence of rage,
Tearing waves from the ocean
Like words from a page,

Then hurling them downward
To darken the darkness yet more,
The world stripped of distance,
A sea with no shore.

A teacup, an ocean,
A lantern, the sun,
A mirror, the full moon,
A raindrop, the storm.

(photograph and poem 2017)