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A Pause in the Day's Labour

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A Pause In The Days Labour
A Pause in the Day's Labour
Just as the flowers of the phlox
Sway in the warm summer breeze,
So do the leaves all around
As that breath passes in ‘mongst the trees.

And when those phlox flowers are withered,
Their whiteness softened and changed,
So leaves will begin transformation,
And the landscape’s bold lines rearrange.

Those leaves on cool winds will fall groundward,
Or be borne on Notos’ blasts
To a new, unknown, distant field,
And there be unknowingly cast.

Paused to delight in the process,
We marvel at Nature’s deft dance:
Equilibrium contrapuntal to progress,
Beauty in close step with chance,

The metre set out by the seasons,
The rhythm the slow turning Earth,
The flowers and leaves of the summer
Will soon be returned to the earth.

(photograph 2015, poem 2017)